Jolly Ball 14"

A long lasting ball full of fun for your parrots pleasure.
SKU: M16

A fully decorated 14" jolly ball.  It Has 5 holes that are 5" wide.   The jolly ball itself is a long lasting toy.  We have had one in our large bird room for 9 years.  We just replace the hanging toys on it as needed.   This jolly ball comes with 5 toy strands.  Four around the sides and one shorter one hanging from the bottom.  This toy is good for any bird up to about large amazon size.   Our macaw can put her head in to get out treats but has never climbed in it.  Our amazons and greys love to get inside and talk.  Their voice echos which I think they like.  Hanging length is 41" from the top of the quick link to the bottom of the longest  toy strand.  Once the toys wear out you just unhook the quick link and add new strands of any kind of toy.  I will be offering the strands individually also.  

This is a special order item that may take a couple of weeks to make if I don't have any on hand.  I will let you know at the time of order.   So far I have been able to get the 14" balls in red and blue.  

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